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Environmental Sustainability Courses Chennai.Explore UK-approved Environment Sustainability courses at Aim Vision Safety Training and Consulting. Enhance your eco-consciousness and contribute to a greener future with our accredited programs. Join us in building a sustainable world.

Join our Environment Sustainability Course to gain the skills needed for promoting sustainability in society. Covering topics from building structures to waste management and workplace monitoring, this program equips you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. Become proficient in sustainable practices, management, and driving environmental sustainability.

Available Courses

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The Level 2 Award in Environmental Sustainability offers a basic grasp of eco-friendly concepts and actions. It highlights environmental issues, encourages sustainable behaviors, and covers topics like climate change, biodiversity, and resource conservation to guide individuals and organizations toward a greener future.

Course Content:(Duration:3 days)
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
  • Understanding Climate Change and its Impacts
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Sustainable Energy and Renewable Resources
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Ethical and Social Dimensions of Environmental Sustainability
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The Environmental Sustainability Level 3 Award offers a deep grasp of sustainability principles, strategies, and practices. It enhances skills to tackle intricate environmental issues, foster sustainable changes in organizations, and covers areas like resource management, eco-policies, green business methods, and stakeholder involvement for informed decision-making and action.

Course Content:(Duration:7 days)
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability Principles
  • Environmental Policy and Governance
  • Sustainable Resource Management
  • Sustainable Business Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication in Sustainability
  • Sustainable Land Use Planning and Management
  • Sustainable Water Management and Conservation
  • Sustainable Energy Systems and Renewable Technologies
  • Monitoring, Reporting, and Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability
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The Sustainability in Building Structure Award offers a thorough grasp of eco-friendly building practices. It emphasizes green design, energy efficiency, materials, and construction best practices to foster sustainability. Participants gain skills to contribute to resilient and environmentally responsible structures.

Course Content:(Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to Sustainable Building Design and Construction
  • Sustainable Building Materials and Technologies
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Buildings
  • Green Design Principles and Strategies
  • Water Efficiency and Sustainable Plumbing Systems
  • Indoor Environmental Quality and Health Considerations
  • Sustainable Site Planning and Landscaping
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Sustainable Construction Methods and Techniques
  • Waste Management and Recycling in Construction
  • Integration of Sustainability in Building Codes and Standards
  • Economic and Financial Considerations in Sustainable Building
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The Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers Award equips managers with knowledge to integrate sustainability into decision-making. It enhances understanding of challenges, sustainable practices, and driving change in organizations. Topics include sustainable business strategies, regulations, stakeholder engagement, and reporting.

Course Content:(Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability for Managers
  • Environmental Challenges and Global Trends
  • Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Regulations and Compliance
  • Sustainable Business Strategies and Integration
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
  • Sustainability Reporting and Metrics
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Innovation and Technology for Sustainability
  • Leadership and Change Management in Sustainability
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Environmental Performance
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The Environmental Sustainability Skills Award equips individuals with knowledge and abilities to promote sustainability at work. It enhances awareness of environmental issues, encourages sustainable practices, and empowers responsible decision-making. The program covers key concepts, resource conservation, waste management, and the role of individual actions in achieving sustainability objectives.

Course Content:(Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
  • Understanding Environmental Challenges
  • Sustainable Resource Management
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling
  • Energy Conservation in the Workplace
  • Water Conservation and Efficiency
  • Sustainable Transportation and Commuting
  • Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Green Office Practices and Paperless Initiatives
  • Environmental Awareness and Behavior Change
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration
  • Monitoring and Reporting on Environmental Sustainability


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The Sustainability in Wastewater Management Award offers a thorough grasp of eco-friendly wastewater practices. It emphasizes resource recovery, water conservation, and pollution prevention, covering treatment tech, regulations, and integrating sustainability.

Course Content:(Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to Wastewater Management and Sustainability
  • Wastewater Treatment Processes and Technologies
  • Resource Recovery from Wastewater
  • Water Reuse and Recycle in Wastewater Management
  • Sustainable Design and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Nutrient Removal and Management in Wastewater
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Wastewater Treatment
  • Sustainable Sludge and Biosolids Management
  • Pollution Prevention and Environmental Compliance
  • Climate Change Resilience in Wastewater Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Community Outreach in Wastewater Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Sustainable Wastewater Management Practices
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The course “Environmental Sustainable Monitoring at Workplace” teaches participants how to monitor and assess sustainable practices effectively. It covers principles of monitoring, data analysis, and implementing initiatives. Participants learn about environmental indicators, measurement, reporting, and compliance to enhance sustainability performance.

Course Content:(Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainable Monitoring
  • Key Environmental Indicators and Metrics
  • Data Collection Methods and Techniques
  • Environmental Monitoring Equipment and Tools
  • Interpretation and Analysis of Environmental Data
  • Reporting and Communication of Monitoring Results
  • Compliance with Environmental Regulations and Standards
  • Energy and Resource Consumption Monitoring
  • Waste Management and Recycling Monitoring
  • Water Conservation and Quality Monitoring
  • Air Emissions Monitoring and Control
  • Continuous Improvement in Environmental Performance
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The Life Safety & Environmental Protection Award provides participants with skills to ensure safety and environmental care in different settings. It covers hazard management, emergency readiness, accident prevention, and environmental impact reduction through regulatory understanding and risk assessment. Participants learn safety protocols for creating sustainable and secure environments.

Course Content:(Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to Life Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Response Planning
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • Chemical Handling and Storage Safety
  • Electrical Safety and Energy Management
  • Construction Site Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Workplace Ergonomics and Injury Prevention
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation
  • Pollution Prevention and Waste Management
  • Sustainable Practices in Resource Consumption
  • Incident Investigation and Continuous Improvement

Who Can Take this Course

This course is for those keen on promoting sustainability and creating a positive environmental impact, regardless of their background. Whether you’re a student, professional, business owner, or part of a workforce, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical skills for a more sustainable future.

No prior prerequisites are needed for the Environment Sustainability Course, but a basic grasp of environmental concepts and a willingness to learn are recommended. The course aims to be inclusive, catering to learners from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in sustainability.


This certification is assessed through evaluations and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). To attain this certification, the learner needs to successfully clear both tests, achieving a specific percentage.

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