Aim Vision Safety Training and Consulting is now an EOSH-approved training center (ATP-2374), providing top-notch safety training and consulting services

UK Certified Courses

The goal of this course is to enhance your understanding of responsibilities and provide a comprehensive overview of health and safety laws.

Every year, workplace fires sadly lead to injuries or even loss of life among staff members. Fires can also cause substantial harm to businesses, resulting in significant losses.

Exploring Environmental Sustainability: Unveiling the Interaction Between Humans and the Environment. A Vast and Ever-Evolving Realm

Attending a first aid training will give you the know-how to assist both adults and kids in various emergency situations. You’ll gain valuable skills and information that can make a real difference!

 Environmental courses explore a variety of fascinating subjects, such as ecology, climate change, energy, and sustainable development

The Certified Master Trainer course is all about diving into advanced teaching techniques, instructional design, and assessment strategies

Discover expert Lifting & Rigging courses at Aim Vision Safety Training and Consulting. Our comprehensive training modules cover all aspects of safe lifting, rigging practices, and equipment operation.

In a safe operator training course, operators learn how to use machinery and equipment in a safe and secure manner

Taking a work at height safety course is a great way for employees to learn about the risks associated with working at heights and how to carry out their tasks in a safe manner

About EOSH

Experience unparalleled growth and innovation with EOSH UK, a dynamic Awarding Body and certification authority. Elevate your profile through cutting-edge qualification development, seamless delivery, and prestigious accolades in the realm of health and safety. Our EOSH Certification Schemes, endorsed by esteemed global awarding bodies, align rigorously with the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard, underscored by unwavering professionalism and learner integrity. Our meticulously crafted qualifications are meticulously tailored to surpass benchmarks, ensuring optimal advantages for learners and centers. Unlock your potential with EOSH UK’s transformative educational pathways.

Training & Certification

Upon successful completion of our training programs, participants have the opportunity to earn prestigious certifications that are recognized globally. These certifications not only validate your expertise but also provide a competitive edge in the competitive job market

upon successful course completion, each student will receive a digital copy of their hard-earned certificates. This streamlined process not only enhances convenience but also aligns with the digital age, making your achievements readily shareable and easily verifiable

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