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Are you ready to empower yourself with life-saving skills that can make a difference in emergencies? Look no further than Aim Vision Safety Training and Consulting, your trusted source for comprehensive First Aid, CPR, and AED courses in chennai that are approved by the Environment Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH UK) authority.

Organizations are required by law to have a substantial number of employees certified in first aid under ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standards. Our First Aid course aligns with these standards, providing participants with essential skills for responding to emergencies. It covers topics such as assessing accident scenes, CPR, wound treatment, and shock management.First Aid CPR AED Courses in Chennai

First Aid, CPR, and AED courses in Chennai

Who Can Take This Course

This course is for anyone seeking to acquire basic first aid skills, including employees, managers, and the general public. It’s especially valuable for those working in high-risk settings like construction sites, factories, and warehouses.

Available Courses

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The Level-2 Award teaches basic life support and AED use for responding to cardiac emergencies. It covers CPR, AED operation, casualty assessment, and emphasizes quick response, teamwork, and protocol adherence to save lives.

Course Topics: (Duration:3 Days)
  • Introduction to basic life support and the chain of survival
  • Recognizing and responding to a cardiac emergency
  • Assessing the casualty and calling for emergency medical services
  • Performing effective chest compressions and rescue breaths
  • Understanding the role and safe use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Operating an AED safely and efficiently
  • Managing airway obstructions and choking emergencies
  • Response to other medical emergencies, such as strokes and heart attacks
  • First aid considerations in a cardiac arrest scenario
  • Teamwork and communication during cardiac emergencies
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The Level-2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work is a thorough training program teaching participants to provide immediate and effective workplace first aid, covering various emergencies like injuries and illnesses. It focuses on quick response, accurate assessment, and proper communication with emergency services.

Course Topics: (Duration:3 Days)

• Introduction to emergency first aid and legal requirements in the workplace
• Assessing the incident and ensuring personal safety
• Understanding and managing the unconscious casualty
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques
• Dealing with choking emergencies
• Managing bleeding and wounds effectively
• Recognizing and responding to common workplace injuries, such as fractures and burns
• First aid for shock and anaphylaxis
• Emergency response to medical conditions, including heart attacks and strokes
• Communication and reporting during workplace emergencies

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The Level-3 First Aid at Work Award offers thorough training for workplace first aid. It goes beyond Level-2 Emergency First Aid, covering a wider range of medical emergencies. Participants learn advanced techniques like CPR, wound care, and fracture management, gaining competence and confidence to handle workplace emergencies effectively.

Course Topics: (Duration:7 Days)

• Legal requirements and responsibilities of a workplace first aider
• Assessing and managing an incident
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children, and infants
• Automated external defibrillator (AED) operation and use
• First aid for choking and airway obstruction
• Recognition and management of shock and circulatory emergencies
• First aid for wounds, bleeding, and trauma
• Fracture and dislocation management and immobilization techniques
• Head and spinal injuries: assessment and first aid interventions
• Managing burns, scalds, and chemical exposures
• First aid for eye injuries and foreign body removal
• Recognizing and responding to medical emergencies, such as heart attacks and strokes
• Managing allergic reactions and anaphylaxis
• First aid for seizures, diabetes, and epilepsy
• Communication and coordination during workplace incidents

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The First Aid & AED Award teaches life-saving skills for immediate response to emergencies, including using an AED. Participants learn to handle various medical crises through hands-on training, gaining confidence for real-life situations.

Course Topics: (Duration:7 Days)

• Introduction to First Aid
• Understanding the Role of a First Aider
• Primary Survey and Assessing the Scene
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
• Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
• Dealing with Choking and Airway Obstruction
• Managing Bleeding and Wound Care
• Fractures, Sprains, and Strains
• Burns and Scalds
• Medical Conditions: Stroke, Heart Attack, Seizures
• Environmental Emergencies: Heatstroke, Hypothermia

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The CPR & First Aid Award equips participants with vital skills to respond to medical emergencies, including CPR, first aid techniques, and managing various injuries and conditions for prompt and effective lifesaving actions.

Course Topics: (Duration:5 Days)

 Introduction to CPR and First Aid
• Legal and Ethical Considerations in First Aid
• Assessing the Scene and Ensuring Safety
• Primary Survey and Basic Life Support (BLS)
• Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Adults
• CPR for Children and Infants
• Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
• Choking and Airway Obstruction
• Managing Bleeding and Wound Care
• Fractures, Sprains, and Strains
• Burns, Electrical Shock, and Chemical Exposure
• Medical Emergencies: Stroke, Heart Attack, Allergic Reactions

Study Mode: Online / Distance/ Part time


This qualification requires passing assessments and MCQ tests with a specified percentage to be awarded.

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