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At AIM Vision Safety Training and Consulting, we take pride in offering top-tier EOSH UK Certified Health and Safety Courses that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in a safety-conscious world. Backed by years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, we bring you comprehensive training designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's competitive landscape.

Available Courses

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The Level 2 Workplace Health and Safety course establishes essential principles for workplace safety. It covers topics like personal protective equipment, creating a safety culture, risk assessment, common workplace hazards, incident reporting, and emergency procedures. Graduates gain the skills to ensure a secure and healthy work environment.

Course Content:(Duration:3 days)
  • Workplace Health & Safety Overview
  • Health and Safety Laws
  • Identification of hazards and evaluation of risks
  • Systems for managing safety
  • Occupational Ergonomics
  • Fire Prevention
  • Workplace Security
  • Equipment for personal protection (PPE)
  • Communication regarding health and safety
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Basic Level 3 course forms foundation. Intermediate Level delves deeper, covering advanced themes: risk assessment, incident investigation, occupational health, safety audits. Gain expertise in risk analysis, incident investigation, occupational health management, safety inspection.

Course Content: (Duration: 3 days)
  • Introduction to Health & Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Communication and Training
  • Incident Investigation and Reporting
  • Health and Safety Culture
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The Level 4 Award in Workplace Health & Safety boosts expertise in managing workplace safety. It’s great for managers or those aiming to advance in safety careers. It covers recognizing dangers, creating safety systems, and more. Perfect for enhancing workplace safety skills!

Course Content: (Duration:10 days)


  • Advanced Workplace Health and Safety
  • Workplace Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Occupational Health and Hygiene
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Principles of Health and Safety Management
  • Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Hazardous Substances and Chemical Safety
  • Workplace Incident Investigation and Reporting
  • Safety Culture and Leadership 


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The Level 4 Award in Process Safety Management is a specialized course for those in charge of process safety in high-risk sectors like oil, gas, and chemicals. It equips participants with advanced skills to recognize, evaluate, and manage hazards, ensuring the prevention of major accidents. The course covers various process safety principles, standards, and best practices.

Course Content: (Duration:10 days)
  • Introduction to Process Safety Management
  • Process Safety Regulations and Standards
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Process Safety
  • Process Safety Management Systems
  • Process Safety Leadership and Culture
  • Process Safety Documentation and Procedures
  • Process Safety Training and Competency
  • Process Safety Incident Investigation and Analysis
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • Auditing and Continuous Improvement in Process Safety
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The Workplace Health & Safety Supervision Award is tailored for managers and supervisors responsible for workplace safety. It equips them with essential skills to manage safety, including risk assessment, incident investigation, and fostering a safety culture.

Course Content: (Duration:5 Days)
  • Introduction to Workplace Health & Safety Regulations and Legislation
  • Responsibilities of Supervisors in Health and Safety Management
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification for Supervisors
  • Control Measures and Safe Working Practices
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Health and Safety Communication and Training for Supervisors
  • Monitoring and Auditing of Health and Safety Performance
  • Promoting a Positive Safety Culture
  • Implementing Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
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The Award in HSE Manager is a comprehensive course for aspiring or current managers in health, safety, and environment (HSE) fields. It equips students with skills to manage HSE practices, policies, and programs, addressing regulations, risk assessment, incident investigation, and safety culture promotion.

Course Content:(Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to HSE Management Principles and Practices
  • HSE Regulations, Standards, and Compliance
  • Risk Assessment and Management in HSE
  • Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
  • Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • HSE Management Systems and Policies
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • HSE Auditing and Performance Measurement
  • Leadership and Communication for HSE Managers
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The HSE Inspector Award is designed for those aiming to become inspectors or auditors in health, safety, and environment. This course develops skills to identify hazards, ensure compliance, and evaluate HSE practices, covering risk assessment, incident investigation, inspection techniques, and promoting a safety culture.

Course Content: (Duration:5 days)
  • Introduction to HSE Regulations and Compliance
  • HSE Inspection Techniques and Methodologies
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Incident Investigation and Reporting
  • Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
  • Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • HSE Legal Requirements and Documentation
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Communication and Reporting for HSE Inspectors
  • Promoting HSE Culture and Best Practices
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The Health & Safety for Workers Award is designed for active employees aiming to enhance their workplace health and safety awareness. This course equips participants with skills to identify hazards, assess risks, and adopt secure work approaches. It covers key areas including workplace threats, accident prevention, emergency response, and promoting a safety culture.

Course Content: (Duration:5 Days)
  • Introduction to Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Workplace Hazards and Risk Assessment
  • Safe Working Practices and Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • Manual Handling and Ergonomics
  • Electrical Safety
  • Hazardous Substances and Chemical Safety
  • First Aid and Accident Prevention
  • Promoting a Culture of Safety in the Workplace
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The EOSH UK Train the Trainer HSE course equips individuals to become effective health, safety, and environment trainers. It covers program design, delivery, and evaluation, emphasizing interactive methods, adult learning principles, and communication skills. It includes HSE regulations, risk assessment, emergency response, and environmental management insights.

Course Content: (Duration:7 Days)
  • Introduction to HSE Training and its Significance
  • Adult Learning Theories and Training Strategies
  • Effective Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Training Needs Assessment and Program Design
  • Health and Safety Regulations and Legal Compliance
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Control Measures
  • Occupational Health and Hygiene Practices
  • Fire Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Response
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainability Principles
  • Ergonomics and Workplace Wellness
  • Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Evaluation and Continuous Improvement of HSE Training

Who Can Take This Course

The Health and Safety course is for people in diverse sectors like manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and offices, as well as managers and supervisors overseeing workplace safety.

Course Benefits:

Gain safety skills: The course equips participants to spot hazards, evaluate risks, and enact safety measures to prevent workplace accidents.

Meet legal standards: Covering workplace health and safety laws, the course ensures participants understand and adhere to legal requirements.

Boost effectiveness and productivity: Implementing strong health and safety practices cuts accident risks, enhancing productivity and fostering a better work atmosphere.

Advance careers: Holding a Health and Safety certification showcases expertise in maintaining workplace safety, opening doors for career growth.

Assessment & Duration:

This qualification involves assessments and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). To earn this qualification, you just need to pass both tests by achieving a specific percentage

Duration: 3 – 5 Days 

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